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I created this thread to share images of the girls that do not include the boys - as suggested by member Poul :)

So remember - no boys allowed !!

And as we already have individual topics for Agnetha and Frida, this thread is for images of the two lovely ladies together.




I have quite a few ......




Beautiful picture, mwilson, very nice birds, too! The girls always had a great sense of top-of-the-line knitwear.

Good mixes and special patterns you’d like to know about in Scandinavia, say alpaca wool mixed with silk.

I'm so relieved by this thread. Let’s admit it, the boys are terribly bad dressers, looking kind of goofy in most pictures.


Wow so many amazing pictures of Agnetha and Frida! :o)



Very well known pictures, but this time I took high quality copies from Gretty and tried to fix the lighting, since they always seemed to me too dark. And then interestingly, they are always appear reversed whenever they are published, as they were on the Getty site (and hence I fixed that as well).





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